will my return disappoint some? neh wat the heck

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shocking but true

Since i have not updated for long, maybe i should just add another post -- to voice out my amusement --

I have begun doubting my knowledge for men -- A guy friend who already has a family -- whom i am not close to suddenly confided in me that he has a china gal which he has fallen for -- my jaw dropped in ultimate shock--

he is not rich -- he can only afford to give this cheena gal $500 a month --

Of course, as usual, she complained that its never enough-- and the more shocking fact is---

he decided to share this "loved one" with a few buddies -- double shock --

he starts self blaming for not being able to provide for this gal and having her to have the hard way out to having serve his other guy pals as well for money -- then did i realise that she is actually being shared among a few guys who give a a couple of hundreds to fuck her upon a fone call --

I have nothing better to say after hearing that -- call me a prude -- but wats the diff from visiting a pro?

Till they lose do they appreciate

I recently met up with a gal friend (lets call her Rina) whom i havent seen in ages... and boy does she look radiant! poof...

well anyway, we were really catching up when sadness began welling up in her eyes.. i knew something was wrong-- but how do i start without making things worse..

The weather started changing upon me asking about her 5 yrs bf which whom i did not approve of since day 1-- he is this damn scrooge -- believe me or not-- here is this real pretty lass with whom was with him for 5 damn years and not once have she received a stalk of grass from him-- needless to say flowers -- and hey come on she stood by him and yet he treated her like dirt -- someone which he can not meet up for a week without feeling weird -- well anyway, after some cautious probing, she revealed that she have done this guy wrong-- she feels really bad about falling for no2 whom she got to know at her new workplace -- no2 is thoughtful and full of surprises -- someone who she knows she shouldnt fall for but yet couldnt resist his charm-- he isnt rich but he makes the effort to surprise her --

Rina broke the news to Mr scrooge that she had made out her mind to leave him and that she is sorry to have betrayed him but she have made up her mind for no2 instead -- (can u believe she actually felt bad about leaving him?) -- needless to say, Mr scrooge panicked -- and tried wooing her back with bunches of flowers and an LV bag-- (bear in mind he is Mr scrooge -- his bday presents to her all these years were like perlini's silver earrings? or worse some from pasar malam ) --

Well she began avoiding him-- she felt bad about leaving him but yet can't bear to 2 time him -- I would say that Rina is a really gd girl and its really Mr scrooge own making and he deserves it (don't blame me being so heartless) --

Are all men likie that -- till the day they lose do they start to appreciate --

p.s. Someone close 4gets my bday for the 4th consecutive year -- i hate to say this, but i've already given up hope (if u happen to read this, need not ask why i've stopped contacting you.)

Saturday, September 23, 2006


hi all!!... i was recently involved in one of these events involving unlimited amount of ang mohs.. I never use to feel incline towards them-- having the impression that they are kindof snobbish for my liking.

Anyway, the event required me to be this idiotic vase-- smiling till my jaws freezed-- overall i would say that they are very well mannered-- fyi-- these are super big shots whose fortune might drown the whole of s'pore -- haha kiddin-- anyway yup, they have their noses towards the ground, not in the air-- so pretty much changed my opinion less the fact of an indecent proposal by a red hair to follow me home which i decline IMMEDIATELY...

Will i try someone outside the chinese race? hhmm.. not at the moment i guess-- not that adventurous isnt it

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Taz... the baby

hey .. dun be misled by the title ya-- haha-- i have not popped a baby out as yet, so, no fears-- kaka

Anyway, i just got back from a casual date with this real cute guy-- lots of things to yak about-- there never seems to be a moment of quietness or awkwardness which is GREAT!! (At least i need not talk to myself).

Oh as for the title-- alrite its just the guy's preference-- his car is filled with... BABY TAZ ornaments!! and once i stepped into his stylo automobile, he chuck a Taz cushion and ask me hug it-- isnt it sweet-- rarely i see guy willing to show fondness for cartoon characters in my presence-- which makes him a real interesting character.. did the necessary number ONE on my list -- open the door for me-- i always think its a guy's job to do that-- unless i drive myself then bobian lar--

We had our meal at marche-- not the most expensive location i had, but the treatment was fantastic-- hah-- i had food served to me like the Empress Dowager-- even to the extend of cutting the soft shell crab to bite size for me -- heh -- i'm not the young gal i was once and the older you get, men expects u to be able to care of yourself and thus usually mending only to his own personal needs--

Geez.. he calls me his princess -- *cheesy**.. u bet-- i'm flattered --

As for Taz.. hah -- i still prefer Tweety Bird though----

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Woman DO love BAD guys....

HI guys.. i know i havent been updating for donkey years... so sorry and do bear with me if i tend to be a little naggy --

A little update on my life in the past mths-- i was jobless hah-- very much proud to add on to s'pore 's few % of zeRo earning beings-- well whatsoever-- anyway yup-- i recently started another job which gives me more room to run around and know more people which well i'm still trying very hard to adapt to.

anyway recently i've been analysing 2 men in my life -- Name them Mr. A and Mr. B

Mr. A

Know Mr. A for coming 4 years -- have been his lover eversince... given in to his every command to the extend that i fear really falling in love with him which was never to happen -- our relationship only surronds around sex-- nvr shared a movie or meal together (pathetic hah)-- we will not meet for above two hours-- cos thats the duration for budget hotels isn't it-- someone who never once gave in to my tantrums -- a guy of little words -- some1 who never send me to my door and some1 whom would rather wait for me to cross over the other side of the road to reach his car then to make a u-turn to pick me from where i am-- a guy who tells me straight in the face that he will never LOVE me-- some1 who is not fantastic in bed yet i feel every bit on fire whenever his body presses towards mine -- some1 whom i will think of should i need to masturbate -- some1 whom i never received a gift from or even a birthday greeting from-- cos he never ever remembered my birthday--

Mr. B

The ever giving Mr. Nice-- is always there when i am down -- whenever Mr. A made me cry, Mr. B will always be there to offer his shoulders-- a guy that always makes sure i don't skip my meals -- always picks me at my dorrstep even if he just finish nite shift-- someone who isnt afraid to be seen with me -- someone who will spring surprises at me like calling near midnite and ask me to go Johor with him for drinks ( i tried a ciggie for the 1st time in my life while out with him and his friends-- didnt like it one bit though-- gave up after 3puffs -- i'm such a loser ya-- all my gal friends can socially smoke whereas at my age i still kant take it-- hah) -- some stupid things that he will do like bringing me to escape theme park and playing those tummy churning kiddy rides with me-- yar i admit i am a kid at heart at times -- some1 who carries my auntie bag for me whenever we are out --but its just so heart warming to know there is some1 who treasures u around -- and the catch is-- he never ask for sex-- we are not sexually involved which i myself is surprised -- hah-- some1 who will be so silly to wait downstairs with a bouquet of flowers in hand to see me happy--


So ultimately who will i choose if given a second choice--

Guess u guys know ya -- Its still Mr. A-- don't ask me why -- maybe its just in gals to feel more towards a "bad" guy -- maybe in search of the day he will change and love her in return -- call me a slut for all i care-- even my personal frenz have called me that-- why would i offer myself like a pro -- or even worse-- a non charging pro to some1 who wouldnt care even if i died b4 him -- I thought i would grow out of this infatuation -- but i never did-- he is still the only guy which i choose to trust and allow him to fuck me raw-- someone whom i cant seem to get myself not involved with although we did seperated several times over the years --

Will there be an end to this?? I can only conclude that his badness did attract me initially but with time i am forced to learn to protect myself alittle -- I will still cry if he leaves me -- but I knoe i will live on -- though i very much hope i will not have to live though such heartache --...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Like poles, do attract!

Oh well, just another day after work -- just a little shocker today in my horribly boring life - - This is what happened--

A gal from my office says she is attracted to me?!?! okok... she is a so called butch-- but then again -- its the first time i encounter such a scene and am kindof shocked by it --

Ok its a daily routine that he/she lets just call her Joe goes around the office calling the gals "mei nu" (pretty ladies) and like to stand up and stare down at the opening on top of the chest trying to catch a glimpse of whatever cleavage is shown, so i usually just laugh my head off -- anyway, today i'm in this tight little mini skirt -- Joe likes to check my legs out, but seriously i dont feel invaded -- u know, to me shes the same kind -- she has what i have and i have what she has -- haha-- Anyway, she went on to claim that how she wanna look between my legs with a mirror claiming it would be a feast -- hmm --

What kind of attention am i getting? Am i suppose to feel afraid? - - but heh, i find it more hilarious then anything else-- haha --

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'M HapPY!!

Hmm... it has been a long time since i updated... loads to share .. 1stly, i'm feeling kindof amused-- it has been arnd 2mths working in my new office and there is only 2 words to describe -- "IT SUCKS!" period-- i tendered my resignation but well, they stopped me and change my jobscope but well, i'm gonna start actively looking for another job real soon....

Anyway why am i happy.... simple...

I have been facing this sucky looking boss for 2mths and all i get is well, shit -- my first week working with my new boss & amazingly, he replied my job mail today with a smiley-- OMG -- think i kan strike baybio real soon-- that is if i will start buying real soon though...

Ok i know i am backdated -- but have u manage to get footage of the "Tammy's" video? I did manage to view it a month back -- wats the hoohaa about har? She does look quite good, but then again as Patricia Mok says .. she is kindof a dead fish-- anyway i seriously wonder why was there such a big commotion then? don't u guys make personal videos? I personally have full length ones even .. and overseas notti shots-- Am i too open or what? i thought all people do that in their own privacy -- correct me if i am wrong... hmm... One things for sure though-- think she kindof young to be engaging in such kind of activities-- That reminds me -- approx a week back, theres this "God of Songs" guy (He croons real well -- the last time i went out with him, he sang Jay Chou's song -- kaoz..mesmerising..anyway, sidetracked...) whom i once admired during my poly days-- he sms me a seriously weird question -- DOES THE SIZE OF A GUY'S MECHANICS MATTER??

I was working in my office at that time-- when i saw this msg, i almost flipped over my chair-- mind u, he is not young -- he is older then me think he is 29 or 30 i cant really recall--

Well, i answered that size do matter -- it need not be too big cos it may cause pain but at least it "exist"-- then i got real curious.. I mean our relationship was purely platoonic so we dont really discuss these scenarios during our outings -- so being curious me wanna know why is he asking me such a question -- and so, i realise, he just DID IT for the 1st time in his entire life ... *super duper flip* -- I nevr knew he was that innocent-- unbelievable -- and heh, why ask me? i very experience meh? *pisSed

He then mentioned that the whole process he went through was a couple of secs and then he is done -- well i remembered it as being normal -- isn't it? -- isn't it a fact that guys on their first try always flop and not only that.. i realise that when experience guys actually perfrom the sexual act itself with a gal he had never touched b4, he also tends to ejeculate faster .. correct me if i am wrong--- there are exceptions though rare

Anyway, his main proposal came... he ask if he could try me and ask me to give him some pointers -- and i was like " i beg ur pardon!!??" -- decline his offer saying it will be hard to stay platoonic therafter-- scary rite-- hmm-- now i'm still wondering if i shd categories him as a innocent guy who needs more guidance or someone with ulterior motive like many others out there -- i wonder--

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Yawnz... just another day waiting for my yoga lessons to begin .. and so i thought might as well drop by to update alittle...

alright, i was having my yoga lessons as well last friday.. guess wat-- yar ok, the instructor is the alpha male around-- anyway he is damn cool sia-- cut long story short -- was having this position whereby i had to lie on my back with arms outstretched and yet both legs have to be on the same side .. well anyway quite difficult to describe.. ok and this male species came from my left, kneeled down and use his arms to press down my right hand.. (normal to adjust a students position rite) but then again -- while pressing my hands down, his forearm was on my breast... and it was for a good 30secs at least--

I dare not move-- am i being paranoid??? really dont knoe-- but heh, i actually ENJOYED that feeling *blush*--

That created my newest fantasy-- i was wondering-- wat will it be like should i be making out with this instructor in the yoga room with humonguous mirrors--- wouldn't it be great.. ---

Piaks-- better wake myself up from such day dreams -- yoga time -- too bad today is a female instructor hah--