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Friday, November 18, 2005

Private gathering

HI guys/gals--

If u happen to be reading this, u are one of my few invited guest -- a private gathering and sharing session --

I have been good-- nothing drastic happened to me -- just alittle negative when i deleted the whole damn blog back in October -- thought i could break away from Danny, but things seem easier said then done-- and well, we are bak together again -- btw, he 4got my birthday and i'm still alittle pissed about it --

Anyway, the birthdate declared is fabricated-- i dun wan too much identity exposed -- anyway, its not too long ago that i had my 26th birthday and well not too bad, i received 2 bouquet of flowers and a piece of clothing couriered to my office -- being the envy of my colleagues -- well then again, i remembered saying to many people that flowers are a waste of $$ and that they wither too quickly before u can enjoy their bloom -- nonetheless, i still enjoyed receiving flowers -- I MEAN, WHICH WOMAN WLDN'T ALTHOUGH MORE THAN HALF THE TIME THEY WILL DENY IT -- hah --watever

So any diff being 26? nope-- none at all -- still young at heart -- bubbling with life -- wanting to catch harry potter but cant get the tix-- sucks big time --

Anyway, i havent complained in a long long time, so might as well just pour my toughts alittle-- this ex poly friend of mine whom wanted more space in my life is getting on my nerves!!-- he is appearing ever so often that it scared me if he actually stalks me -- at work i get his email, during lunch i bump into him -- he keeps telling me that he will give me time to think things over -- but hey come on, if the 1st impression is NO.. i bet that impression is gonna last --- i love him as a friend-- nothing else -- the tot of it sends shudders


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