will my return disappoint some? neh wat the heck

Friday, December 30, 2005


Have i ever mentioned previously that i like being fingered -- i really cant recall -- i never like tellign my guy what to do -- i usually let them explore as they please, so even if i'm craving to have his fingers in me, i will not voice it loud -- just have to see how he performs-- hah

Remember Mark that i've mentioned in my previous blog, (the guy whom i had an ONS with and he lasted an hour and a half with 3 continuous session -- well, he called yesterday -- quite a surprise cos it was like almost 3yrs since i met up with him -- he ask to meet up and said that he remembered my every detail even my smell -- he wanna meet up to relive the nite 3 yrs ago -- i turned him down face flat -- i tot that what shd be gd memories must be left as it is-- anything more might cos that little space for fantasy to disappear --

Anyway, Met Danny yesterday for a quick session over my place -- he havent fingered me for a long time-- i just love it when he does it-- cos he doesnt hold back -- even when i'm like moaning and almost screaming at the tip of my lungs in ecstacy, he continuous at his lightning speed -- he goes in hard and fast with i guess 2 fingers -- i was in no mind to evaluate --- anyway, he made me cum and i could feel my juice squirting out of me -- it isnt always this way though -- for me, my cum is plentiful, but usually, it flows out gradually-- but yesterday's one was a hellova mind blower-- my cum squirt out leaving a long trace of it on my bedsheet -- i was satisfied, real satisfied -- he continued to fuck me missionery -- fed me more then sufficient -- i just kant get enuff of him -- I WAN MORE!!!...

The sides of my thighs are kindof aching -- probably over excited and over stretched -- the thought of yesterdays session still leave me real horny...haha...

Lunch time -- Banana please----

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

MerRy XmAs!

Hi guys, thks for the overwhelming wellwishing emails - - no worries, i'm still a live -- very much - -

Yar, i had a enjoyable xmas-- a very sinful one though -- loads of super fattening and alot of greediness resulting in overeating-- well, i cooked 2 out of 3 days -- xmas eve bbq, i brought my spaghetthi and curry along -- xmas day together with my relatives, we cooked up a more chinese new yr then xmas spread-- hah--

as for feelings wise, - - zero-- i chose avoidance -- Danny wasnt persistent -- i guess he is on the verge of giving up too -- i kant make up my mind -- Mr Policeman was sick over the weekend -- he called for company -- but i declined -- he sms me throughout xmas saying that he is very sad and 烦 - - i didnt dare see him-- i'm afraid that i would make decisions that i will regret thereafter -- anyway, xmas for me was damn holly--- haha sexless to say the least --



What have i been occupied with lately - - hmm - - i've been taking my driving lessons as usual- - trying out yoga though-- hope it helps me both mentally and physically --


My Fav xmas present this yr -- haha-- a see through piece of lingerie -- so kinky haha

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

WeLLbEInG --

Sick.. i have been down with a stubborn flu for over a week -- even antibiotics could not seem to conquer it -- couldn't sleep well ... feeling real drowsy throughout the day-- am i gonna die?!?!.... HELP!!!

Tried to do some minimal xmas shopping .. but it seems that there are still many presents outstanding to be bought... stressed -- Mr PolicemAn called -- he was concerned and even volunteered to accompany me present shopping whenever he is needed --

*Shocked*-- Danny actually reads my blog?!?.... so this para is for him -- dun worry, i did not agree to Mr Policeman's offer -- so dun hop mad ok..

there is a xmas tree in the office-- and i counted the gifts for me -- at least 8 presents -- so happy... a few are nameless... i wonder who are they frm-- haha... so exciting --

Alright, driving lessons tonite... hope i wun faint and buang someone -- will be updating soon, so sorry for the lack of updates k...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

VerGe of ExPiRY

I'm confused -- I thought Danny was the only guy that would attract me --

Am damn disappointed that he is ashamed of me -- I've never officially gone out with him b4 -- weird but true -- for the last couple of years, its all so secretive that its getting on my nerves --

Anyway, the wake up call came not too long ago -- from my so called big brother (Mr. Policeman) -- he told me that being a lover, u have to feel loveD when u are with him-- u enjoy time together-- be it a few minutes even -- or wld call or sms each other gdnite etc... u wld think of the other party other then for sexual needs alone --

Ok, i'm alittle spoilt for choice now, cos-- Mr Policeman says he will wanna take Danny's place in my heart -- He will do better then Danny for sure -- Anyway, he want me to join him on a seafood trip to JB tonite ---

Guess what i did -- hah-- I called Danny instead to see if he wanna meet up tonite-- if not -- then wld i proceed with Mr Policeman -- Well, i am staying in s'pore today -- but the sincerity of Mr Policeman seems to have uprooted part of the steadfast feelings i had for Danny throughout the years --

I am still hesitant in letting go -- but might if the offer gets to gd to resist --

Thursday, December 08, 2005

SwinGer's PaRty...

Call me a prude -- haha -- I haev no guts to attend a swingers party till date --

I've received countless invitations recently to attend swinger's party whereby single gals or couples are welcome -- i wonder wat awaits me shd i be there -- would i be embarassed -- or wld i enjoy myself -- shd i go alone -- shd i tag someone along -- hah--

Anyway, watch Nip Tuck where they did show scenes of swinging parties -- real HOT i wld say-- but is that the scene here in Singapore??...

What if i attend and get recognise while at work?!?!?... wldnt it be disastrous-- sometimes i wonder if these parties are for real --

Ask me again and my answer wld be still the same -- I HAVE NO GUTS!--

Monday, December 05, 2005

~~My Sleeping Child ~~

Went out with a couple of ex sch frenz over the wkend -- took alot of xmas pics had a great great meal of sushi -- proceeded for coffee thereafter -- life is that relaxed -- loads of joy and laughter -- i like it -- its just so xmas --

It started to pour heavily pass midnite -- Mr policeman sent me an sms wishing me swt dreams -- told him i'm still in town stranded in the rain -- immediately he called me and ask me to stay put whereever i was -- and he hopped out of bed reached town within 20mins -- which was very very fast -- very touched-- came down just to send me home making sure that i was not caught in the rain and fall sick --

He looked real tired -- but insisted on buying me a glass of hot milk at a coffee shop near my home 1st cos he felt my hands were freezing -- sent me up the lift -- bid me gdbye -- i felt alittle guilty and afraid for him to go back in such a state -- told him to come into my house for an hr nap b4 he drives back -- anyway its pouring and it dangerous for him to drive while he is half asleep --

He accepted my offer -- sat on my sofa -- hugging my little cushion -- just like a child -- he just wanted to sleep -- nothing up his mind -- a grown man can be so cute at times --

while he lay on my sofa, i lifted his head up with my arms while i sat on the floor, let him lie on my arms while snuggling against my breast -- he fell asleep --

I look at him sleep with such peace and calmness - - stroking his hair, i closed my eyes and rested my face against the side of his -- he was breathing softly -- a picture of serenity --

Friday, December 02, 2005

MUch aWAitED QuickIE -- uNPrEPaRed

Danny called -- he is below my office building at 530pm... coaxing me to meet up asap -- took me to a multi storey carpark in sengkang area - - we kissed damn passionately-- a very gd kisser who For secOnds made my soul leave me -- i hugged him tight and tongue him even more -- loads of tongue fighting with alittle sucking effect -- i just love it --

We were on level 4 of the carpark facing this small river in ponggol -- u cant see the river clearly, but the view is not at all restricted, so it faces the trees and skies-- beautiful -- best is that theres not much cars ---

He took off his pants, ask me to give him a blow, which i willingly did while kneeling down at the back seat -- both his bands grabbed mu breast and pulling the bra and spaghetthi top down exposing both my breast -- played arnd my nipples with his icy cold hands -- they erceted in no time -- and i was real horny -- i wanted him badly --

i sucked him real hard in and out -- his dick isnt very big, so i could deep throat him, no problems -- and i know he loves it with the increase excitement while kneading my breast --

Laid me on my back -- Pumped me missionery like a dog gone crazy -- hard and fast -- i was moaning real loud -- he sucked my nipple and bit them real hard -- i screamed but i like it -- kissed my neck up to the hind of my ears -- gosh --- he lasted at least 10mins which was sufficiently satisfying for that kind of turbo speed he was going at -- he came out side me -- gave me a long kiss on my forehead -- clean up and sent me home --

Satisfying indeed -- especially when i least expected -- no plans just met up ad hoc --

He fed me real well -- but i still crave for more -- hmm

Thursday, December 01, 2005

AbiLiTy tO cHanGe

Throughout my life, i've met uncountable men -- the gd, the evil, the gd looking, the plain jacks, the brainy ones, air heads etc etc..... what attracts me most many ask--- there are so many guys, why kant ur heart settle for one - - ?

Probably i'm expecting too much hah --

I like men who possesses attitude -- in fact i prefer the typical "BAD" man -- men who some time in my life left a deep impression -- men who broke my heart, make me cry - - yet leave me crawling back to them unconditionally -- why? many have asked? have u no shame? have u no pride? -- why fancy such jerks ?

I've been shaked many times by people arnd me -- hoping to get some sense into me -- but theres this hope i always carry in me that a particular bad man will change for me -- someone who posseses this Hit me yet Love me attitude --

Masochist --?? but i guess most woman would wish to be the person to change their man-- not to a saint -- but at least someone who will appreciate her a little -- just a little --