will my return disappoint some? neh wat the heck

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Yawnz... just another day waiting for my yoga lessons to begin .. and so i thought might as well drop by to update alittle...

alright, i was having my yoga lessons as well last friday.. guess wat-- yar ok, the instructor is the alpha male around-- anyway he is damn cool sia-- cut long story short -- was having this position whereby i had to lie on my back with arms outstretched and yet both legs have to be on the same side .. well anyway quite difficult to describe.. ok and this male species came from my left, kneeled down and use his arms to press down my right hand.. (normal to adjust a students position rite) but then again -- while pressing my hands down, his forearm was on my breast... and it was for a good 30secs at least--

I dare not move-- am i being paranoid??? really dont knoe-- but heh, i actually ENJOYED that feeling *blush*--

That created my newest fantasy-- i was wondering-- wat will it be like should i be making out with this instructor in the yoga room with humonguous mirrors--- wouldn't it be great.. ---

Piaks-- better wake myself up from such day dreams -- yoga time -- too bad today is a female instructor hah--


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