will my return disappoint some? neh wat the heck

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


HI ALL!!!! seems as though i have disappeared from the face of this earth havent i... hmm... then again-- i have been real tied down by my new job-- so many things to learn in such a short period of ime that i broke down in my office at 10pm on a friday night--- yes, i was working at those damn hours -- I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!

Anyway, enough of whining-- it even affects my sex drive so much that i feel like a saint for the past month-- every nite i will dream of my FC slamming the table asking for reports -- seems like females are harder to work with then males--

It had been more then a mth since i updated -- wonder if any1 would drop by to check on me -- hehe-- will try to update soon -- hope my life will in turn be as colorful as b4--


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