will my return disappoint some? neh wat the heck

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Like poles, do attract!

Oh well, just another day after work -- just a little shocker today in my horribly boring life - - This is what happened--

A gal from my office says she is attracted to me?!?! okok... she is a so called butch-- but then again -- its the first time i encounter such a scene and am kindof shocked by it --

Ok its a daily routine that he/she lets just call her Joe goes around the office calling the gals "mei nu" (pretty ladies) and like to stand up and stare down at the opening on top of the chest trying to catch a glimpse of whatever cleavage is shown, so i usually just laugh my head off -- anyway, today i'm in this tight little mini skirt -- Joe likes to check my legs out, but seriously i dont feel invaded -- u know, to me shes the same kind -- she has what i have and i have what she has -- haha-- Anyway, she went on to claim that how she wanna look between my legs with a mirror claiming it would be a feast -- hmm --

What kind of attention am i getting? Am i suppose to feel afraid? - - but heh, i find it more hilarious then anything else-- haha --

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'M HapPY!!

Hmm... it has been a long time since i updated... loads to share .. 1stly, i'm feeling kindof amused-- it has been arnd 2mths working in my new office and there is only 2 words to describe -- "IT SUCKS!" period-- i tendered my resignation but well, they stopped me and change my jobscope but well, i'm gonna start actively looking for another job real soon....

Anyway why am i happy.... simple...

I have been facing this sucky looking boss for 2mths and all i get is well, shit -- my first week working with my new boss & amazingly, he replied my job mail today with a smiley-- OMG -- think i kan strike baybio real soon-- that is if i will start buying real soon though...

Ok i know i am backdated -- but have u manage to get footage of the "Tammy's" video? I did manage to view it a month back -- wats the hoohaa about har? She does look quite good, but then again as Patricia Mok says .. she is kindof a dead fish-- anyway i seriously wonder why was there such a big commotion then? don't u guys make personal videos? I personally have full length ones even .. and overseas notti shots-- Am i too open or what? i thought all people do that in their own privacy -- correct me if i am wrong... hmm... One things for sure though-- think she kindof young to be engaging in such kind of activities-- That reminds me -- approx a week back, theres this "God of Songs" guy (He croons real well -- the last time i went out with him, he sang Jay Chou's song -- kaoz..mesmerising..anyway, sidetracked...) whom i once admired during my poly days-- he sms me a seriously weird question -- DOES THE SIZE OF A GUY'S MECHANICS MATTER??

I was working in my office at that time-- when i saw this msg, i almost flipped over my chair-- mind u, he is not young -- he is older then me think he is 29 or 30 i cant really recall--

Well, i answered that size do matter -- it need not be too big cos it may cause pain but at least it "exist"-- then i got real curious.. I mean our relationship was purely platoonic so we dont really discuss these scenarios during our outings -- so being curious me wanna know why is he asking me such a question -- and so, i realise, he just DID IT for the 1st time in his entire life ... *super duper flip* -- I nevr knew he was that innocent-- unbelievable -- and heh, why ask me? i very experience meh? *pisSed

He then mentioned that the whole process he went through was a couple of secs and then he is done -- well i remembered it as being normal -- isn't it? -- isn't it a fact that guys on their first try always flop and not only that.. i realise that when experience guys actually perfrom the sexual act itself with a gal he had never touched b4, he also tends to ejeculate faster .. correct me if i am wrong--- there are exceptions though rare

Anyway, his main proposal came... he ask if he could try me and ask me to give him some pointers -- and i was like " i beg ur pardon!!??" -- decline his offer saying it will be hard to stay platoonic therafter-- scary rite-- hmm-- now i'm still wondering if i shd categories him as a innocent guy who needs more guidance or someone with ulterior motive like many others out there -- i wonder--