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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'M HapPY!!

Hmm... it has been a long time since i updated... loads to share .. 1stly, i'm feeling kindof amused-- it has been arnd 2mths working in my new office and there is only 2 words to describe -- "IT SUCKS!" period-- i tendered my resignation but well, they stopped me and change my jobscope but well, i'm gonna start actively looking for another job real soon....

Anyway why am i happy.... simple...

I have been facing this sucky looking boss for 2mths and all i get is well, shit -- my first week working with my new boss & amazingly, he replied my job mail today with a smiley-- OMG -- think i kan strike baybio real soon-- that is if i will start buying real soon though...

Ok i know i am backdated -- but have u manage to get footage of the "Tammy's" video? I did manage to view it a month back -- wats the hoohaa about har? She does look quite good, but then again as Patricia Mok says .. she is kindof a dead fish-- anyway i seriously wonder why was there such a big commotion then? don't u guys make personal videos? I personally have full length ones even .. and overseas notti shots-- Am i too open or what? i thought all people do that in their own privacy -- correct me if i am wrong... hmm... One things for sure though-- think she kindof young to be engaging in such kind of activities-- That reminds me -- approx a week back, theres this "God of Songs" guy (He croons real well -- the last time i went out with him, he sang Jay Chou's song -- kaoz..mesmerising..anyway, sidetracked...) whom i once admired during my poly days-- he sms me a seriously weird question -- DOES THE SIZE OF A GUY'S MECHANICS MATTER??

I was working in my office at that time-- when i saw this msg, i almost flipped over my chair-- mind u, he is not young -- he is older then me think he is 29 or 30 i cant really recall--

Well, i answered that size do matter -- it need not be too big cos it may cause pain but at least it "exist"-- then i got real curious.. I mean our relationship was purely platoonic so we dont really discuss these scenarios during our outings -- so being curious me wanna know why is he asking me such a question -- and so, i realise, he just DID IT for the 1st time in his entire life ... *super duper flip* -- I nevr knew he was that innocent-- unbelievable -- and heh, why ask me? i very experience meh? *pisSed

He then mentioned that the whole process he went through was a couple of secs and then he is done -- well i remembered it as being normal -- isn't it? -- isn't it a fact that guys on their first try always flop and not only that.. i realise that when experience guys actually perfrom the sexual act itself with a gal he had never touched b4, he also tends to ejeculate faster .. correct me if i am wrong--- there are exceptions though rare

Anyway, his main proposal came... he ask if he could try me and ask me to give him some pointers -- and i was like " i beg ur pardon!!??" -- decline his offer saying it will be hard to stay platoonic therafter-- scary rite-- hmm-- now i'm still wondering if i shd categories him as a innocent guy who needs more guidance or someone with ulterior motive like many others out there -- i wonder--


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