will my return disappoint some? neh wat the heck

Saturday, September 23, 2006


hi all!!... i was recently involved in one of these events involving unlimited amount of ang mohs.. I never use to feel incline towards them-- having the impression that they are kindof snobbish for my liking.

Anyway, the event required me to be this idiotic vase-- smiling till my jaws freezed-- overall i would say that they are very well mannered-- fyi-- these are super big shots whose fortune might drown the whole of s'pore -- haha kiddin-- anyway yup, they have their noses towards the ground, not in the air-- so pretty much changed my opinion less the fact of an indecent proposal by a red hair to follow me home which i decline IMMEDIATELY...

Will i try someone outside the chinese race? hhmm.. not at the moment i guess-- not that adventurous isnt it


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