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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Taz... the baby

hey .. dun be misled by the title ya-- haha-- i have not popped a baby out as yet, so, no fears-- kaka

Anyway, i just got back from a casual date with this real cute guy-- lots of things to yak about-- there never seems to be a moment of quietness or awkwardness which is GREAT!! (At least i need not talk to myself).

Oh as for the title-- alrite its just the guy's preference-- his car is filled with... BABY TAZ ornaments!! and once i stepped into his stylo automobile, he chuck a Taz cushion and ask me hug it-- isnt it sweet-- rarely i see guy willing to show fondness for cartoon characters in my presence-- which makes him a real interesting character.. did the necessary number ONE on my list -- open the door for me-- i always think its a guy's job to do that-- unless i drive myself then bobian lar--

We had our meal at marche-- not the most expensive location i had, but the treatment was fantastic-- hah-- i had food served to me like the Empress Dowager-- even to the extend of cutting the soft shell crab to bite size for me -- heh -- i'm not the young gal i was once and the older you get, men expects u to be able to care of yourself and thus usually mending only to his own personal needs--

Geez.. he calls me his princess -- *cheesy**.. u bet-- i'm flattered --

As for Taz.. hah -- i still prefer Tweety Bird though----


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