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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shocking but true

Since i have not updated for long, maybe i should just add another post -- to voice out my amusement --

I have begun doubting my knowledge for men -- A guy friend who already has a family -- whom i am not close to suddenly confided in me that he has a china gal which he has fallen for -- my jaw dropped in ultimate shock--

he is not rich -- he can only afford to give this cheena gal $500 a month --

Of course, as usual, she complained that its never enough-- and the more shocking fact is---

he decided to share this "loved one" with a few buddies -- double shock --

he starts self blaming for not being able to provide for this gal and having her to have the hard way out to having serve his other guy pals as well for money -- then did i realise that she is actually being shared among a few guys who give a a couple of hundreds to fuck her upon a fone call --

I have nothing better to say after hearing that -- call me a prude -- but wats the diff from visiting a pro?

Till they lose do they appreciate

I recently met up with a gal friend (lets call her Rina) whom i havent seen in ages... and boy does she look radiant! poof...

well anyway, we were really catching up when sadness began welling up in her eyes.. i knew something was wrong-- but how do i start without making things worse..

The weather started changing upon me asking about her 5 yrs bf which whom i did not approve of since day 1-- he is this damn scrooge -- believe me or not-- here is this real pretty lass with whom was with him for 5 damn years and not once have she received a stalk of grass from him-- needless to say flowers -- and hey come on she stood by him and yet he treated her like dirt -- someone which he can not meet up for a week without feeling weird -- well anyway, after some cautious probing, she revealed that she have done this guy wrong-- she feels really bad about falling for no2 whom she got to know at her new workplace -- no2 is thoughtful and full of surprises -- someone who she knows she shouldnt fall for but yet couldnt resist his charm-- he isnt rich but he makes the effort to surprise her --

Rina broke the news to Mr scrooge that she had made out her mind to leave him and that she is sorry to have betrayed him but she have made up her mind for no2 instead -- (can u believe she actually felt bad about leaving him?) -- needless to say, Mr scrooge panicked -- and tried wooing her back with bunches of flowers and an LV bag-- (bear in mind he is Mr scrooge -- his bday presents to her all these years were like perlini's silver earrings? or worse some from pasar malam ) --

Well she began avoiding him-- she felt bad about leaving him but yet can't bear to 2 time him -- I would say that Rina is a really gd girl and its really Mr scrooge own making and he deserves it (don't blame me being so heartless) --

Are all men likie that -- till the day they lose do they start to appreciate --

p.s. Someone close 4gets my bday for the 4th consecutive year -- i hate to say this, but i've already given up hope (if u happen to read this, need not ask why i've stopped contacting you.)