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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shocking but true

Since i have not updated for long, maybe i should just add another post -- to voice out my amusement --

I have begun doubting my knowledge for men -- A guy friend who already has a family -- whom i am not close to suddenly confided in me that he has a china gal which he has fallen for -- my jaw dropped in ultimate shock--

he is not rich -- he can only afford to give this cheena gal $500 a month --

Of course, as usual, she complained that its never enough-- and the more shocking fact is---

he decided to share this "loved one" with a few buddies -- double shock --

he starts self blaming for not being able to provide for this gal and having her to have the hard way out to having serve his other guy pals as well for money -- then did i realise that she is actually being shared among a few guys who give a a couple of hundreds to fuck her upon a fone call --

I have nothing better to say after hearing that -- call me a prude -- but wats the diff from visiting a pro?


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